Encroachment on Public space

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Encroachment on Public space

Post  prashant_tayal on Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:33 pm

Dear sir,

Everybody has noticed that in Gurgaon, service roads are being blocked and developed as Paid Parking. For example, right in front of DT Mega Mall on the Golf Course Road a section of the Service road is being used as a Paid parking.

The service roads are being blocked in front of the Residential complexes like Beverly Park on the MG Road, next to the MGF Metropolitan mall and used as Parking for visitors of the residential complex.

If a poor man does this you can empathize but with the big and the rich doing this, the society is not going in the right direction. Where is the Corporate Social Responsibility?

This is an encroachment of Public space which is destroying the local infrastructure. Can HUDA take notice and ensure that these activities are put to an end and public infrastructure is made available to the public at large.



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